Submission Standards

Below are the basic standards for your submission.

  • Please use 12 point Times or Times New Roman
  • Set all Margins at 1 inch
  • All pages must be Left Justified. Please leave a ragged right margin.
  • Line spacing must be set at 1.5
  • Indent the first line of a new paragraph 1/2 inch using Ruler settings, NOT tabbed or spaced. (notice the emphasis, this is important)
  • Do not add extra space between paragraphs unless defining a separation.
  • Italics and bold and underline are fine if used sparingly
We provide templates in Word format if you are using Microsoft products, Pages format for Apple workflow users, and RTF for basic text editor usage

All manuscripts will be professionally edited by Draconian Publishing to fit our house style. We strongly suggest you have any manuscripts edited prior to submission to ensure quality at the highest level.