Self Publishing

We have looked all over the web and researched pricing for e-book formatting. Some people feel they can charge $100 and get you a good format, and they can, if everything is perfect and the workflow is smooth. Others charge by the page or the word.

Draconian Publishing is not comfortable using these methods. We feel that for both you the author and us as the contractor to be fully satisfied, a generic price is not out best business framework.

We approach formatting you book by the hour. If your supplied file is set up to our standards the job is simple and takes relatively little time, saving your money over word and page count billing.

If the file we are sent is inconsistent, or you simply want us to do all of the formatting a more accurate accounting is in place. We will never rush a difficult job because the price is less than the value.

If you submit your manuscript we will take a good look and format a section in order to properly evaluate the needs. An estimate will be returned to you with a reasonable price for the formatting.

To submit your manuscript please create an account and then visit the submission upload page (coming soon). This page will not be available until you have created an account with Draconian Publishing.